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Stars Path is a platform arcade game where you control a cute little character in wolf's clothing, who's trying to get as far as possible through a maze suspended in the middle of space.

Gameplay in Stars Path is very simple, but that doesn't mean the game's easy. Nothing further from the truth, in fact. Lasting more than 30 seconds will be a real challenge in Stars Path, although one for which you'll only need one finger: you tap the screen once to turn in one direction, or a second time to change direction. So simple and yet so complicated.

The goal of Stars Path is to get as many stars as possible, which normally means traveling pretty far, even though the stars are located right on the path. That said, after a few seconds of moving on very narrow paths, you can take a little break on some wider areas.

Stars Path is an addictive and very nice arcade game, thanks to which you can play very quick games for just a few seconds at a time (or maybe one or two minutes if you're very good). It's not a particularly innovative game (and in fact it's almost identical to ZigZag from Ketchapp), but the quality is quite good.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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